Vulnerable.Read it to be one.

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Untitled,Unheard and Unseen

Working day and night to make the ends meet, engrossing herself in the labyrinth of the mundanity had become her sole reason to exist. She wore the robe of existence with dull and hopeless hues of black and white, these colors caged her life, making her forget her lost pride. She did what she was […]

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The Lovely Blog Award

Well, I am overwhelmed and elated to get my 2nd award i.e. The Lovely Blog Award, that too by a very lovely girl Swati. She writes beautiful posts as well, do check them out. Now its time for Rules: Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link their blog in their post. They must […]

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3 questions- Part 4

As per the tradition, before I start expressing my opinion I would request the people who are new to get through this post ‘3 questions- Part3‘, so as to get accustomed to what I am gonna babble out. As far as, people’ s views are concerned I have got the chance to see so many […]

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